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Welcome to updated JSNice (March 2018)

What's new in JSNice?

  • Support for ECMASCRIPT 6.
  • Built-in packers detector.
  • Possibility to transpile not yet supported code.
  • Increased prediction accuracy.
  • Ability to provide direct feedback on JSNice predictions.

Feedback wanted!

Please fill the feedback form or contact prof. Martin Vechev directly by email firstname.lastname@inf.ethz.ch.

What JSNice does for you?

  • Make even obfuscated JavaScript code readable.
  • Rename variables and parameters to names learned from thousands of open source projects.
  • Infer type annotations.
  • Override the names suggested by JSNice (by enabling "interactive renames" in settings).
  • Click here to learn more about the research done at SRI lab at ETH Zurich that produced JSNice and other ML based systems.


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New!: APK-Deguard deobfuscates Android applications. Check it out!